Blackened tofu tacos

Jen says these were her favorite, yet, but there’s no bandwagon for this tofu in a taco thing — neither one impressed.  Further, there’s an awful lot of manipulation with the fu — first baking, then sautéing — for such a little flavor payoff — boo!

It can just be marked off as a protein filler, a base to the delicious avocado crema and salacious slaw — so simple:  Just salt and apple cider vinegar.

So, it meets marks for flavor and crunch, and for a pun in the blog name — Making thyme for health — but a mark off for too much work on the tofu and not getting a whole lot of flavor.

(Also, love the caveat that if you prepare everything ahead of time, it doesn’t talk long to assemble them!)

(Also, more parentheses:  Prep time is listed at 30 minutes –ha…  Drain fu for 30 minutes, bake fu for 20 minutes, sautee fu for 10 minutes.  I think that adds up to an hour…)


Hot and sour soup

It’s probably been done a thousand times, and they’re all about the same, this particular iteration from Gimme Some Oven.  Some add more sugar, some add a little sesame oil, there’s often a different balance of hot, sour and soy.  This worked out pretty decent.  The trick with the eggs is to get a whirlpool going in the soup, and then slowly pour the egg in as it turns — let it set, them resume.  Beautiful ribbons every time.

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Cantonese fu & shroom


This is the second recipe from this site, and the second time proportions seemed to be strangely amiss… 250g of chicken would equate to something on the order of 2cups…  That, plus mushrooms, plus cabbage – the seven tablespoons of sauce is enough to lightly coat, but nothing on the order of what is shown:  There was no superfluous sauce.

Nevertheless, a tasty if sauce-lite dish. If it was served with rice, it would seem a bit dry.