Tater taco with an egg

Kindle just helpfully suggested a book entitled, “A writer’s guide to emotional trauma.”  It seems especially well-suited; a blunt execration of excessive and impenitent  failing.

Not failing — under duress and late hour: Diced potatoes — sautéed and tossed with chipotle, cumin, garlic powder, salt and oregano. Splendidly arrayed on corn tortillas with a little of Jen’s famous salsa, scrambled egg and cilantro. Cheese…

A fine, quick-ish feast after an afternoon carousing down in Hollywood. Off Hollywood.  Actually, by a street called Hollywood.

At a doctor’s office upon the street called Hollywood — addressing vocal emanations akin an angry seal, expelling from a child’s chest: His new thing — that face.

A summary of everything…


Last but not least taco

The boy loves a walking taco, however buying individual bags of the appropriate size for an individual, unnecessarily digs into the very tiny budget allotted for food.  So, we shared a bag and put it on a plate.

Cheese, beans and proteins.  Still not frackin’ taco shell — but at least there’s crunch from the chips.  Thus ends the many different tacos, not eaten over seven days.  The children demand a vow that this will never be done again.


Blackened tofu tacos

Jen says these were her favorite, yet, but there’s no bandwagon for this tofu in a taco thing — neither one impressed.  Further, there’s an awful lot of manipulation with the fu — first baking, then sautéing — for such a little flavor payoff — boo!

It can just be marked off as a protein filler, a base to the delicious avocado crema and salacious slaw — so simple:  Just salt and apple cider vinegar.

So, it meets marks for flavor and crunch, and for a pun in the blog name — Making thyme for health — but a mark off for too much work on the tofu and not getting a whole lot of flavor.

(Also, love the caveat that if you prepare everything ahead of time, it doesn’t talk long to assemble them!)

(Also, more parentheses:  Prep time is listed at 30 minutes –ha…  Drain fu for 30 minutes, bake fu for 20 minutes, sautee fu for 10 minutes.  I think that adds up to an hour…)

Plantain and black bean tacos

These were the least favorite of the bunch, mostly because tacos should be salty, not sweet.  A bit of sweetness as a clever adornment is entirely acceptable, but not as the predominant taste.

From a floating kitchen, these were saved as edible by the chimichurri, which at least offered some balance to the sweetness of the plantains, and gave us an idea for what to do with the leftover chorizo-potato filling from a few nights before.

As always, when doing tacos, get crunchy shells.  Kinda the point…

Thai red curry tacos

Another decent recipe that would have been better I crunchy shells — there wasn’t any discussion about it, just default selection of tortillas without any thought to it.

Pretty good anyway, from Kristen’s Kitchen:  Veggies and quinoa flurried together, gettin’ saucy with pureed corn and pepper Thai red curry paste and sprinkled with kale chips which were probably lost amongst the flavors, but delicious as always to snack upon.

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