The sandwich of Ech

Sounds horrible, but it’s a long story — not too long, but too long to suit the purposes of it’s origin.

An Ech sandwich is of the variety that are easy to make — so long as everything is on hand.  The sandwich was very good — trying to think of an interesting way to say that, brought a month’s delay in doing so, and a lot of divergent projects.  Served on olive bread from the Pleasanton Bakery:  Seared fervido cerebros, tomatoes, dill pickles, onion, daiya and spinach — tossed with mint chutney and pomegranate-balsamic vinegar.

There are only so many ways to say, the sandwich is very good, to describe the various flavors.  They came together nicely, but with little more to say than that, musing started, on how to tie it in to some sort of story — a little dendritic tingle, solely for the sake of entertainment. The subject fell upon was Ech, the semi-mechanical, dusky-brown Nepid, and Captain of the Kuwk, as he took on a greater prominence in the final chapter of monsters — presumably, his origins would make such a sandwich something he would appreciate.

His history, as it turned out, became a little more complicated than expected, and even a brief, sketched outline elongated to several thousand words:  This rambling, already, exceeds what is necessary — sandwich, good — the bloated bloviation on poor Ech, certainly would have gone unobserved…  But it was an interesting story, also one that really has no real contribution to the greater ideas — though, there are a handful that came about anyway, for different reasons, and even the story of origination became more of a character bit…   As often is, Ech was both a victim of monsters, as well as arguably became one, himself: It’s all relative — dependent upon perspective.   Most monsters find justification for their actions, at some point: Some come to live with regret, others — like Ech — find their experiences so incomprehensible that their own actions taken against the perpetrators never bear a second thought.


Seitan, rabe & pickled onion tacos


Fervido cerebros type, some tomatoes, daiya and a little parsely with it.


Spooktacular reuben

20161013_191321Frightening fervido cerebros haunting two slices of rye with gory drippings of Russian dressing and sinister sauerkraut.  The bread was so cheesed by the experience, it made it swiss for the holey.

Scary delicious.

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Empenadas explodindo magníficas

20160924_131830 Slightly overstuffed with potato, cheese, caramalized onion and fervido cerebros, spiced exclusively with chipotle powder,20160924_132808Not exactly a quick lunch, but awfully delicious, the dough — even baked — turned out perfectly for a changed, nice and flaky.

Muito bem.


Italian sausage-pepperjack ravioli

Spicy bechemal
Kale-walnut pesto

The latter looks rather atrocious, but was slightly preferable — a proper pesto would do nicely, though the lemony flavor of this worked well.


No Haydn this variation on a theme


Will would say, “You have got to stop!” In a very exasperated tone.


Still mired in the wheelhouse — perhaps cracked the window to let in a breeze with a Marmalard/chipotle, seitan-garlic-ginger-caramalizedonion tostada, topped with some pointless daya and meaningful sriracha tofutti.  The solitary disc was scrumptiously inadequate.