Seafood and leek crepes with smoked gruyere bechamel


Putting pliable pastries to good use, stuffed with sautéed leeks, crab and shrimp, then topped with a smoked Gruyère béchamel and broiled.  One of the best crepe compilations outside of Mom’s asparagus and mushroom — though we’re no longer fond of those squirrely chopped stalks that’ll squirt free under pressure of a fork:  Preferable they are kept whole and wrapped, disseminated in a civilized fashion at the table.

These have sniffed about the borders since pancake day, sometime back, and were sliding toward the sad domain of leek souffle — and especially after a visit down to Frank, where he explained they’d been shortchanged of late, so none of his famous crab cakes were on the plate.  Frank was looking a little thin, generally, though he had some scrod and that sort of dry-looking salmon.


Several more poor or costly options led to the Gardein crabless patties, and a seemingly conflicted combination of plant products and crustaceans, which met up with the sautéed leeks quite nicely, and paired with the smokey bechamel exceptionally.  Monsterously delicious recipe from MyKitchenInSpain.

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Steamed wontons in chili broth


A superb bowl:  Wonderful shiitakes with delicious wontons in a chili broth.  Visually and palate pleasing, with the hint of sea flavors from unknown natural plant flavorings in gardein fillets and just a little heat.


The little, minced fillets gave a nice body to the filling and held the flavor well, and not visually unappealing as the black, green and somewhat brown attempts at something such — though the hijiki infused caruru is unparalleled in flavor.

The noodles were a poor addition, but some added texture to the broth could be nice, such as a grain or orzo, or minced veggies.

Largely based upon the recipe at the exceptionally named, Burpappetit.

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Crabby patty and guacamole taco.


Corn > flour.  This has been long understood, but the flour are, undoubtedly easier to work with and can become the default simply for convenience.  Unfortunately, they eliminate present subtleties, as with the caramalized fennel and crab tacos.  Corn would have been a much better mitten for those — present but subdued enough that the flavor of the contents can be appreciated.

The patties and the guacamole carried through very nicely on lightly oiled and panned tortillas.



Satisfying a crave with a healthier alternative:  Or, at least — the addition of some red onions.

In reality, the tartar is probably the key ingredient…

Flippant Friday expurgation 2: Two of Belgium



Waterzooi and stoemp.  For Jared, the potatoes shall be addressed first:  The only complaint, here, is the dilution of flavors with too many!  The recipe calls for 5 — 3 would be okay, or even fewer.  Stoemp will have to be revisited without moderation.

The waterzooi struck all as a watered down clam chowder — maybe that’s what it means!  That also seems to be a theme, here:  Subtlety is definitely appreciated, not so much the bland.  It wasn’t helped at all that in the mere moments breaking gaze to read the final steps, the stew turned to a boil, and it wasn’t blood that curdled — just like they warned in the recipe.  Pshaw — who would curdle their stupid stew?