Blood orange, ginger & herb dressing

A nice, bright, refreshing dressing that goes very nicely with blue cheese.

Blood orange vinegar, Tuscan herb olive oil, copious, micro-planed ginger, a little salt and pepper.


Green mango salad


No award for charisma, here, but so with haste goes aesthetic — it’s certainly deserving of better presentation:  Beautiful combination of tart fruit, herbs and slightly zesty dressing.


Soy-ginger sweet slaw


It’s not too sweet, really, but it is too sweet, and easily made tout suite.  This is a delightful, crisp and delicious little salad — shredded cabbage, carrot, apple, orange and minced ginger (T), coated in a sauce stolen from a lost website:  1/8c soy, lemon juice, and oil, two splashes of rice vinegar, about a T of sesame oil and brown sugar, and sesame seeds.  Taste before applying, of course…


Shopska salad


A refreshing, and very tasty, simple little salad of tomato, pepper, cuke, red onion, parsley and feta.


Flippant Friday expurgation 7: Leaf salad with slices of orange and avocado, pesto goat cheese featuring air of anise bulb and taling pling waft, completed by rich drazzle with cherry impression


Trying to make dinner salad less boring.  Tasty, but awkward and the pepper oil somehow disappeared amidst the flavors.

Friday is fin.


A salad


I was walking down the street
And got distracted
By a sundog in the sky
And another, the other side
A near full parhelion arc.
And as I walked along
Oblivious to the world
I struck a man
That was staring at his feet
Through the plastic apparatus in his hand.
I said, hey – so sorry, man
I was watching all the pretty colors
Of that sundog overhead.
He shook my hand and said to me,
No problem, dog, no harm at all.
Well, I started walking on my way,
Making sure I kept apprised of what approached
But I stopped when he called
He called, I turned, he looked back from down the street
He said, hey – you think you could do a man a solid?

I was like, yeah, sure – I can do that.