Blood orange, ginger & herb dressing

A nice, bright, refreshing dressing that goes very nicely with blue cheese.

Blood orange vinegar, Tuscan herb olive oil, copious, micro-planed ginger, a little salt and pepper.


Soy-ginger sweet slaw


It’s not too sweet, really, but it is too sweet, and easily made tout suite.  This is a delightful, crisp and delicious little salad — shredded cabbage, carrot, apple, orange and minced ginger (T), coated in a sauce stolen from a lost website:  1/8c soy, lemon juice, and oil, two splashes of rice vinegar, about a T of sesame oil and brown sugar, and sesame seeds.  Taste before applying, of course…

A salad


I was walking down the street
And got distracted
By a sundog in the sky
And another, the other side
A near full parhelion arc.
And as I walked along
Oblivious to the world
I struck a man
That was staring at his feet
Through the plastic apparatus in his hand.
I said, hey – so sorry, man
I was watching all the pretty colors
Of that sundog overhead.
He shook my hand and said to me,
No problem, dog, no harm at all.
Well, I started walking on my way,
Making sure I kept apprised of what approached
But I stopped when he called
He called, I turned, he looked back from down the street
He said, hey – you think you could do a man a solid?

I was like, yeah, sure – I can do that.