Pear, goat cheese, fig & fennel, and arugula flat bread

On a white sauce — parm/garlic — with a little mozzerella sprinkled atop for more better cheesiness.  Fennel baked on, and a little raw added post render with the leaves.

Most marvelous, though pears scarcely there, skinned slim for concerns of proper sentiment — notably. Redressed while baking with more sauteed which would be the proper, thicker presentation proposition.  A bit fussy as it were, though, with the sauce and all.

Also, balsamic reduction lightly drizzled over top.

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South end sope

Easy read on this little article: Fried masa dough with lots of sauteed vegetables — broccoli, carrots, onion, garlic, pepper, olives. Tossed with quinoa, topped with lettuce, chipotle tofutti and salsa.


Roasted veggie enchiladas

A picture comes down to slightly sad, or slightly obscene, with the latter taking the day and argued Testidunes tilted.

Roasted cauliflower and butternut squash, with black beans, garlic, chipotle, cumin and cream & cheddar cheese.  It strarted out sounding so healthy…


Parmesan roasted cauli

Super easy: It says use 7 cups of cauli — half was used. Use 7 cups of cauli.  From I wash you dry.

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Blood orange, ginger & herb dressing

A nice, bright, refreshing dressing that goes very nicely with blue cheese.

Blood orange vinegar, Tuscan herb olive oil, copious, micro-planed ginger, a little salt and pepper.


Marmalade-Bbq tempeh burger with slaw

Tender tempeh, marinated, then seared in marmalade, barbecue sauce and topped with lightly dressed cole slaw.

Tempeh simmered for 15 minutes to improve the flavor and soften, cut into patties, then sliced across for thinner patties.

Sauce consisted of tomato paste, marmalade. ginger, garlic, tamari and water to thin.  Marinated the patties overnight, then seared in a pan to warm.

Dressing for the slaw — sour cream, lime juice, agave and a little salt.

Great combination of flavors.