Quinoa-vegetable pie

This turned out really well, the slight sweetness of the crust — a really nice addition to the flavors:

Quinoa tossed with roasted potato and onion, asparagus, chopped tomato and about a cup of 4-Italian cheese blend.  Topped with dollops of fresh goat cheese.


Thai red curry tacos

Another decent recipe that would have been better I crunchy shells — there wasn’t any discussion about it, just default selection of tortillas without any thought to it.

Pretty good anyway, from Kristen’s Kitchen:  Veggies and quinoa flurried together, gettin’ saucy with pureed corn and pepper Thai red curry paste and sprinkled with kale chips which were probably lost amongst the flavors, but delicious as always to snack upon.

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Sweet potato quinoa rissoles

A quinoa caper from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes:

The sweet of the potato is set off slightly with a little lime punctuated by a pepper pop, and complimented with a lime-y avocado cream.

These have a nice combination of flavors if a little lacking in texture, though, perhaps a consequence of too large tubers what skewed the ratio.

Caramelizing the potatoes instead of steaming could also help reduce the moisture and make them easier to work with.

These would make another super appetizer.

Shrimp Quinoa

I enjoy reading the food blog, Poor Girl Eats Well.  Dan and I have come up with some great meal ideas courtesy of her.  Not to mention, it was on her blog that I won my first blog contest….ok, and my only blog contest.  But still…..

Last week she posted a great recipe for a Spicy Shrimp Red Quinoa.  She had posted recipes for quinoa before and I had been intrigued but never made it to the point of actually purchasing any.  When I saw this recipe, I knew it was my opportunity to try it.  After all, shrimp is a far superior crustacean.  (Dan will disagree on that, something about an iodine allergy.)

The quinoa was fun to watch “pop” as it cooked – and I do love the red color.

The combination of the peppers, quinoa, cilantro and tomatos really made for a pretty dish.  And tasty!

The quinoa does cook up (sort of like rice), so with the leftover quinoa, Dan made a pseudo-tabbouleh that we enjoyed the next day for lunch.  Dan – pictures, please?