Pear, goat cheese, fig & fennel, and arugula flat bread

On a white sauce — parm/garlic — with a little mozzerella sprinkled atop for more better cheesiness.  Fennel baked on, and a little raw added post render with the leaves.

Most marvelous, though pears scarcely there, skinned slim for concerns of proper sentiment — notably. Redressed while baking with more sauteed which would be the proper, thicker presentation proposition.  A bit fussy as it were, though, with the sauce and all.

Also, balsamic reduction lightly drizzled over top.

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Shiitake-feta bread with basil

Lovely and delicate, glorified garlic bread, really.  Dough was kept extremely sticky and amply yeasted, allowed to rise and thinly spread with oiled hands across a tray.

The surface was coated with atomized garlic before it was allowed to rest, while the other ingredients were sliced and shredded: Shiitake, feta and a little Italian blend: Parm, romano, asiago…  After baking, topped with shredded basil.

Broccoli Rabe, shiitake, sun-dried tomato & goat cheese – pizza

It's been a long time since I just simply roamedalso a lovely combination over pasta, or even rice.  shrooms were lost, though – everything else was great


Pizza 5: Detroit, like


All in vain, au levain?  Attempt at a funky, fermented, Niki’s style square:  Pretty good, but far too thick.  Seemed like a lack of dough on stretching out, and the recipe was doubled.    Too much, but pretty awesome anyway — crunchy crust, and melt in the mouth, buttery interior.


More or less from Wapo, using 2c flour, 1c au levain and 1c water.  Plenty for two pizzas, as it were. + 1tsp diastatic malt power or sugar, and 1.5t salt. Maybe a little olive oil.


Pizza 4


A bit more cheesed, a bit more bready – portobellas, red onion, italian sausage, tomato and feta.


Pizza 3


Reversion to the mean — mean ass pizza


Big Calzone style double crust, with cornmeal, and toppings stuffed withing a hidden layer:  Mushrooms, broccoli, green olives and a little feta.


Pizza 2


Again, chefjar thincrust:  With sesame seeds, topped with jalepeno and shiitake.