Pappardelle with lentils

Lentils in a winey tomato sauce.

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Tomato-Basil-Tortellini bisque

20160820_191016Like every other tomato soup ever made, still — so very good,  Sauteed onion, 3 minced garlic, 2-28’s of crushed toms, 2 cups broth, salt, pepper, 1oz chopped basil.  Blended, then pasta cooked in, and lastly most of 8oz whole cream.


Ravioli: Butternut sauce & caramalized onions

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Sage, chipotle, salt, a little cinnamon, salt, garlic powder and water for dilution.  Children wanted normal ravioli…  Sideo of shredded carrot, celery, and chives tossed in tuscan herb olive oil and pomegranate balsamatic.

An attempt to cook in sauce:  Fine, but better to cook, first in water, then warm in sauce.  Much better result with the noodle.

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Kale, olive pesto lasagna

L20160616_1834481Lasagna was always appreciated, ever since back when we were kids.  Never something particularly longed for, but nice like a warm pair of socks on a cold winter day.  “What’s for dinner?”  — “Lasagna.”  Alright — that’s okay.  Never something ordered out, but brought to the menu now and again:  Great for large groups, not a terrible challenge to make.  The status of lasagna was raised significantly, when the mother-in-law served it with freshly made noodles:  An entirely better offering.

This variety from TheEndlessMeal is one of the best variations ever had — a slight pungency in the sauce from the tomatoes and balsamic, and an absolutely outstanding complement from the kale pesto.

As necessary, fresh noodles were used, and the pan was layered with cheese, sauce and noodle to the top — whereon the pesto was slathered.  Foolishly, the walnuts were forgotten until after a broil, and then hastily added at the end — they may have burned otherwise, and might fit well in a layer of sauce.

The idea of lasagna with many things has been tried — and failed, outside of the original.  This is one that really elevates the dish.


Seared mushrooms with wakame-matcha-butter sauce


Seared mushrooms are always delicious…  A little bit of salt zipped them up nicely, and probably preferably before adding a splash of the sauce to them.

Good — anyhow — wakame adding a nice sea flavor, the matcha somewhere therein, likely not adding much to the flavor, but possibly a helpful dose of antioxident.

A quizzical dish from Olives for Dinner, likely better with the mushrooms left un-sauced and simply deliciously seared.  The green could also be pulled back a bit to more of a hint, than such a prominent flavor.



Ponte Vedra pasta


Spaghetti tossed in pesto with oven roasted butternut squash and garlic, shredded spinach, caramalized red onion and crushed pistashios.  Ninety-percent of everything was tossed together, with a few of the add-ins kept out to top.  Muito bem and tres facile.