Breakfast greens’n egg with cheese

Not seemingly a breakfast capable preparation, these were for a few days in a row, starting a covered cookdown with onion, mushroom and greens prior to a shower.

Stewed with a little water, salt, and pepper, then topped with a fried egg and fontina.



Shiitake-feta bread with basil

Lovely and delicate, glorified garlic bread, really.  Dough was kept extremely sticky and amply yeasted, allowed to rise and thinly spread with oiled hands across a tray.

The surface was coated with atomized garlic before it was allowed to rest, while the other ingredients were sliced and shredded: Shiitake, feta and a little Italian blend: Parm, romano, asiago…  After baking, topped with shredded basil.

Chūn juǎn


Chinese spring rolls, stuffed with chopped mushrooms and corn, and treated with five-spice powder and hoisin.

Hoisin: 1T bl. Bean paste, 4T soy, 2t rice vinegar, 2t sesame oil, 1T honey, 1T sorghum, a little garlic and onion powder. Cook down to a thick sauce.

The filling is delicious, however, the recipe for the wrappers is a little odd: 1/2c flour + 100g butter.  Unsurprisingly, with a little salt, it tasted like a pie crust – one that unfortunately overwhelmed the not-exactly subtle filling.

Not bad, but a more traditional wonton wrapper would make these much better. These may be baked, but any benefit by it is lost with so much fat – you might as well just fry them.