Chocolate chunk & sesame seed muffins with mandarin zest


This mouthwatering medley caught the eye at Curls & Carrots, where they were properly named satsuma, olive oil and sesame muffins — relabled to reflect the most prominant flavor and visual along with what cousin to satsuma resided inside the refrig..

Very nice compliment of flavors, mostly the entwining of the chocolate and orange, but a nice subtle sweetness added by the banana and apple.

Clearly, gluten free is not an objective here, but these provided the opportunity to exhaust the brown rice flour that has been camping out in the freezer for a while, now, and the gluten-y wasn’t missed — a nice texture and bead, and still, just a bit chewy.


Blueberry muffins

We seem to be having breakfast today.  As a note:  never bake with frozen blueberries.. 

Despite smurfing the muffins they were very good, with a nice strong almond flavor.  I meant to dust them with some raw sugar but forgot, so, Jared only ate three. 

It was early and blurry so, thumbnailed..:

Accompanied by more of those savory sausages.