Corncake con mole

Two things that would have made this better:  Chihuahua cheese instead of cheddar and less sweetness to the mole.   It was good enough that wasn’t really prominently noticed until 2/3 of the way consumed, but from that point, increasingly gnawed at the brain.
Nothing was purchased in the making of the CCM, as a compilation for the consummation of remnants, so no skin for the cheddar, however, as for the latter –  a sad mole not living up to its potential:  Some chocolate chips were added with the hope of improving this particular batch, and it did, but just a shade too much sugar to accompany all the corn products.
Otherwise, very tasty, probably more fitting as a (smaller) side:  Pan-fried cornbread, cheese, mole-baked-corn, cilantro, spiced apple.
This has probably been noted as a reminder on several occasions, but Sister Rosa’s mole is the only one that has induced spoon-filled stuff-fuls, i.e., It’s really not worth the effort to look for anything better, evidently…  Perhaps the near heart attack provoked by blazing hot mole shooting from the bottom of the ex-blender has created a subconscious aversion…  Or, perhaps the visual provided by that sentence…



Goat cheese crostini with mole

IMG_0660Earlier this month, this was posted on VittleMonster, triggering an instant salivatory response, as it clicked on several well-established inclinations: Sourdough, mole, and cheese – in this case, that of goat. The only hindrance to reconstitution was the mole, which, somewhere back around tamales was mention of a trip to La Botana for the peppers – that they no longer sell. More recently we went to a Thai restaurant for a gift certificate that they no longer sell: Both times we walked away without what we came for but with a really good meal — a reasonable comprimise.

Like every mole ever made, this one did not turn out exactly right, but closed in with a little added agave and corrected what was obviously lacking there at Komi, namely mole: Clearly not enough.

The flavors do indeed meld superbly and exactly as was tasted in mind’s eye, mole and sourdough matching marvelously, the cool and creamy cheese a delightful contrast to the dark earthiness of the sauce: Slight tart, slight sour and all the directions that come from the mole – delicious.

Roasted cauliflower enchiladas com molé

20140513_184137Yet another iteration of enchilada: Along with pizza, obviously, far and away – favorites. Each, of course, is completely, entirely different! Why these – they are roasted cauliflower! That has never been done before, therefore, this is the first time (these) enchiladas have ever been made.

Butternut squash and mole go together like hot summer nights and sweet kisses – alack, ours must have had a head cold because it was not butternut delicious…

20140513_184122But a shame to waste, so it was squashed – well, obviously. Then, suddenly, it combined with a diced tomato and chopped pepper to no exceptional result until came along a little mint chutney. Is correct…

Cauli roasted with seasoning, oregano and a little chipotle before integrating with a cheese type substance and rolled in molé dipped tortillas.

The strange, guacamole-looking, squash assembly topped the toasted temptations, the flavor – oddly – added nicely to the mellow medley and marvelous mole. As always, one of the best combinations yet.

20140513_184200This terrible redundancy leads to the possibility it’s time to wrestle over a new name for the site, maybe, The Wonderful World of Enchiladas?

Or, perhaps, Tortilla Land: We don’t masa ‘round! So many layers of goodness there – but of course, we do masa round! Otherwise the tortillas would be square.

It’s Friday, and like the tortilla said as it made for the molé – it’s time to get sauced!

Ter um grande fim de semana,todo mundo!