Roasted veggie enchiladas

A picture comes down to slightly sad, or slightly obscene, with the latter taking the day and argued Testidunes tilted.

Roasted cauliflower and butternut squash, with black beans, garlic, chipotle, cumin and cream & cheddar cheese.  It strarted out sounding so healthy…


Curry lentil soup

A nice soup to stead against the first flakes of fall:  Lentils with veggies, in a tomato-ey broth with curry powder, cumin and coriander.

Sweeter veggies stand out nicely in this soup — butternut squash, sweet potato (for those enabled), parsnip and carrot.

Being too lazy to make the curry powder, garam masala was a nice substitute — though, it also calls for nutmeg, so it wasn’t too far off from that to begin with.

Found at Feasting at Home.

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Last but not least taco

The boy loves a walking taco, however buying individual bags of the appropriate size for an individual, unnecessarily digs into the very tiny budget allotted for food.  So, we shared a bag and put it on a plate.

Cheese, beans and proteins.  Still not frackin’ taco shell — but at least there’s crunch from the chips.  Thus ends the many different tacos, not eaten over seven days.  The children demand a vow that this will never be done again.


Plantain and black bean tacos

These were the least favorite of the bunch, mostly because tacos should be salty, not sweet.  A bit of sweetness as a clever adornment is entirely acceptable, but not as the predominant taste.

From a floating kitchen, these were saved as edible by the chimichurri, which at least offered some balance to the sweetness of the plantains, and gave us an idea for what to do with the leftover chorizo-potato filling from a few nights before.

As always, when doing tacos, get crunchy shells.  Kinda the point…


Ah, falafel…  A never ending carousel for improvement over what has already been approved:  The real answer is to find a way to healthify the deep fried — to replicate that delightful crunch made so divinely at Jerusalem Garden.  The conclusion usually folds with resignation to the DFSP variety, which as a baked formulation, is, in fact — hard to beat.

The Happiness Kitchen adds a pinch of cardamom — which, there is one place that does something different, that makes falafals stand out from the others, and it was hoped this was it.  It’s not.  Maybe they’re slipping in some sumac…

As always, these taste an awful like falafel, and turned out pretty good — a little crunch, not too dry.  Though, tahini was added — about a 1/4 cup.  Also, the sauce that accompanied them was phenominal:  Tahini, yogurt, lemon juice, salt and water. Continue reading falafal