Rubbed kale salad with lemon-mustard dressing


Tossed with shaved red onion, crumbled blue and chopped pecans.

Simple dressing of lemon, oil, grainy mustard, salt, pepper and a little sugar.


Three cheese, mushroom and kale casserole with butternut squash sauce

I know few truths – the closest I’ve found is that claims to a simple truth are a fool’s, and even those with the widest eyes see only a small fraction of a vast reality. ~Ferrar


A layered noodle dish that was still more of a feeling than a fully developed idea by the time it was conspired, understandably near exiling it to leek soufle status as it languished in the thoughts over numerous weeks.

Thus, the strata were lain quite possibly, sub-optimally – the band of mushroom likely best suited, centrally.

It was initially imagined as a proxy, for tomato in straight-forward substitution on lasagna, then morphed further with thoughts of bean curd replacements – except those are not remembered favorably.


Thoughts for substituting ricotta eventually fell to consideration for items that might reduce the slippage of the the noodles — thoughts to the sort of things that would hold up well under heat and retain some texture.

Kale has been lurking around, a lot, and seemed like a decent match for the criteria, and mushrooms seemed like a nice match with the sauce — though, sauteed dry, of course.

And cheese…


It turned out really nicely.

The sauce and mushrooms were done ahead of time, or this would probably be too much hassle for an evening meal:  Many squash were roasted and ideas for use led to pureeing some down for a sauce.

A very simple sauce:  The squash, salt, a pinch of cumin,, shake cayenne, sage, and some water to thin it out a bit.

Shrooms were done in advance, though with the intention of putting it together that night:  Chopped mushrooms, olive oil, balsamic and garlic — sauteed down until reasonably dry.

Cheeses used:  Havarti and smoked gouda — both shredded and combined — and slices of fresh mozzzerella.

The noodle was a basic noodle:  Semolina, egg, water, oil, salt.  Rolled to 7 and cut around the base of the casserole to form a circle (like, 2/3’s of a circle from one cut, an the rest from a second part of the noodle).

Assembled in the dish, as so:

  • sauce
  • noodle
  • shredded havarti/smoked gouda
  • noodle
  • sauce + all of the mushrooms
  • noodle
  • sauce, mozzarella & chopped kale
  • noodle
  • Sauce, mozzarella & chopped kale
  • noodle
  • Sauce & a lot of chopped kale
  • noodle
  • Sauce, kale, topped with the rest of the havarti & smoked gouda.

baked at  350 for 40.

Chorizo-kale, sriracha flat bread


With a little smoked gouda and diced tomatoes.  The crust was nice and crunchy but not overly hard, comprised of flour, corn starch, corn meal, a little sugar, pinch salt, italian seasonings, olive oil and water — first pan-fried.

The Sriracha essentially replaced sauce, a thin layer spread over the bread, though, the tomatoes added a necessary juiciness.  Baked at 450f until the kale was crisped.

Potato pie

There is nothing left to say: Stop trying to fill the silence.

Kale is the theme of the week, combined in pie form with potatoes, caramalized onions, garlic and cheddar with some oregano, then baked until it was cooked.  Popping the potatoes in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes, first, would have been a good idea in retrospect, as it took an hour for the potatoes to soften, satisfactorily.  Otherwise, another simple, savory supper, which tasted exactly as would be expected of those combined flavors in pastry, as intended.