Creamy coconut lentil curry


Comparatively simple, and as proclaimed, could be one of the best curry recipes, up there with the smoky dal.  The little bean considered it the best, for sure.


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Tuesday feast: Veggie Kadai, shahi paneer, tomato rassam, samosa, bnut pakora and papdi chaat

The impetus for all of this was interest in the butternut pakoras. They were initially planned pared with just the tomato rassam, but at the time, the proprietor at the near source for tamarind looked back with peculiarity on inquiry. That is, they apparently no longer stock any tamarind, so – a dal was substituted in the plans but not with any enthusiasm.
The squash consequently languished for several weeks, until the no-longer-little-guy was invited to a party not far from our favorite South-Asian grocer. Any visit more or less mandates some papri, or, papdi chaat – so, yogurt, too, and chutneys. And paneer managed to finagle its way into the cart, which, everyone agrees is best matched with spinach – but that is so redundant. Chilli paneer seemed like a great alternative but was deep-sixed by those with tender palates, and instead, the shahi paneer got the nod.
20160802_181110The gravy for the shahi paneer is a slightly sweet and quite rich. It is delicious, but not a great match with the rassam – they should be kept apart and eaten consecutively. A softer paneer would also be best.
20160803_184749The pakoras were as good as anticipated and the recipe is extremely simple: Shred the squash and mix everything together. The entirety of a good-sized squash is needed to offset the amount of flour in this recipe; the spices could be increased significantly.
20160802_183314The veggie kadai was a last minute addition as we decided to invite others over, as the meal grew. This is unquestionably a new favorite – right up there with that palak paneer and the irresistible lauki kofta. It, too, was a bit rich, but not excessively, and the flavors were outstanding.
The tomato rassam was not as good as hoped. Pepper rassam is a personal favorite, but the pungency and spice turn off most others; it was hoped this would be similar to those shared in restaurants, which were not disliked. They likely tone down the tamarind further and probably add more sugar. With a little, ahem, tamarind chutney it went down reasonably well, though the tempering was largely lost outside of a few random chompings on a cumin seed.  The concept of a lemon sized piece of tamarind also may be lost on me, as this is far darker than the drink in pictures at the source.

Paneer tikka masala

IMG_0140Yet another from Vegrecipe—  A nice, sort of short-cut masala from Eats Well With Others.  Rather, would be an easy recipe if not for, as noted in her post, the hazardous frying of the cheese.  Since following directions, or, even reading them is not a forte — awareness of the issue was wan, and curses were made during the attempts to flip the cheese, as explosions of hot oil shot from the pan at light speed.

Fried cheese may be delicious, but is should be done only on a very thin glazing of oil.  The stove-top was left coated in a sheen of oil, as were the cabinets above, a hemi-circular radius of about 4 feet of floor and two dogs.  The bandages were removed from both arms yesterday…  This is why reading is important.

Fortunately, the rest of the recipe is straightforward, and the dish — delish.  Rich and creamy — and delightfully cheesy.

Veggie kuzahmbu


This poor little stew has unfairly been relegated as an afterthought, first, sitting idly in the fridge many days, then resting entitled but with only a link in the pending pile…  Constraining consumption might be a sign of curry fatigue by everyone else in the household — almost impossible to understand — but this is not just another tomato or onion based curry:  This is a coconut and tamarind based curry!  A wonderful and delicious, and completely different experience! It is also relatively simple by VRI standards — and not particularly time consuming.

The potential prior proposition also led to the latter, having expected a second run for more suitable documentation what didn’t happen and just became lunch:  Provision pics in plastic-ware present pretty poorly.  There was also, at that time, the issue of a catastrophic phone failure; the new one, exactly the same model, doesn’t seem to focus quite right…

Really nice flavors, especially from the tamarind.


3 easy pieces


After vowing to steer clear of indian dishes for a while…  Well, there we were at Patel Bros. with papdi in our hands.  So it goes, but rather simply this time, reverting to a favored few, and fortunately, fairly easy dishes.

Methi malai, finally done right — how does the mud adhere to the fenugreek so firmly?  Other than the forty rinses, a fairly straightforward preparation.


Likewise palak paneer, though, blender failure continues to be an issue:  What sort of blender is unable to blend tomatoes?  Or, onion?  Spinach?  Future purchase should be considered.


Lastly, the papdi chaat.  The only fussiness with this is making fresh chutneys.  No black salt, so not quite right — but quite alright!

A terribly tasty trio.