Moqueca Baiana

Ala recipetineats.

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Tater taco with an egg

Kindle just helpfully suggested a book entitled, “A writer’s guide to emotional trauma.”  It seems especially well-suited; a blunt execration of excessive and impenitent  failing.

Not failing — under duress and late hour: Diced potatoes — sautéed and tossed with chipotle, cumin, garlic powder, salt and oregano. Splendidly arrayed on corn tortillas with a little of Jen’s famous salsa, scrambled egg and cilantro. Cheese…

A fine, quick-ish feast after an afternoon carousing down in Hollywood. Off Hollywood.  Actually, by a street called Hollywood.

At a doctor’s office upon the street called Hollywood — addressing vocal emanations akin an angry seal, expelling from a child’s chest: His new thing — that face.

A summary of everything…


Parmesan roasted cauli

Super easy: It says use 7 cups of cauli — half was used. Use 7 cups of cauli.  From I wash you dry.

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Blood orange, ginger & herb dressing

A nice, bright, refreshing dressing that goes very nicely with blue cheese.

Blood orange vinegar, Tuscan herb olive oil, copious, micro-planed ginger, a little salt and pepper.


Pappardelle with lentils

Lentils in a winey tomato sauce.

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Curry lentil soup

A nice soup to stead against the first flakes of fall:  Lentils with veggies, in a tomato-ey broth with curry powder, cumin and coriander.

Sweeter veggies stand out nicely in this soup — butternut squash, sweet potato (for those enabled), parsnip and carrot.

Being too lazy to make the curry powder, garam masala was a nice substitute — though, it also calls for nutmeg, so it wasn’t too far off from that to begin with.

Found at Feasting at Home.

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