Chorizo samosa com chimichurri

Ah yes — the remains of tacos: Many of those multitudinous tacos were born from recipes calculated on an absurdly large scale, so of course, the planned seven days of tacos turned into a couple weeks of tacos with interruptions and lots of coleslaw…  Pretty pictures/failure to read:  Too much food is a grand privilege to suffer.

The chorizo/fried egg varieties left a lot to be desired — that is, there were lots of desired leftovers.  Accommodated inspiration foretold their destiny even as the meal of origination was being consumed:  That is, in fried dough, with chimichurri.

It shall be called an inspired combination, that exceeded high expectations.


Chorizo-kale, sriracha flat bread


With a little smoked gouda and diced tomatoes.  The crust was nice and crunchy but not overly hard, comprised of flour, corn starch, corn meal, a little sugar, pinch salt, italian seasonings, olive oil and water — first pan-fried.

The Sriracha essentially replaced sauce, a thin layer spread over the bread, though, the tomatoes added a necessary juiciness.  Baked at 450f until the kale was crisped.