Fat rice


Another Burkinabe dish, fat rice — so named, apparently, because of the amount of oil that is used.  Probably not entirely necessay, either…

As this came together, it was disparaged — gooey rice?  Seems less than interesting as a dish of national purport.  It was also supposed to have meat.  And cabbage.  And boullion (apparently, only Maggi, at that…).

Despite failings in all of those regards, it turned out to be somewhat addicting, the blend of flavors pulling more onto plates.  Some protein added in would likely bring it even better; it turned out pretty fine just as it were.

Some versions keep the veggies whole — this version blended:  A sort of African risotto…


Peanut paste stew


Similar to other African stews:  Veggies, meat, broth, peanut.  This was just onion, carrot, garlic, with a glutey alternative substituting unbeknownst to younger crew members — overall enthusiastically enjoyed, derided, though, by Will.

A total whiff on the cabbage, but without, very good flavors and meant to be served with an acaraje type bean cake — though, less the sea flavor and with the addition of carrots:  It was dry and uninteresting — pucks were pitched and concentration trained on the stew alone, and very good.

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