Spinach banitsa


Everything just like the original, but with spinach and a little green onion — 1 pound, and 3: More of both wouldn’t hurt — the veggies give it a nice body.  This is the only way to make a pita/pie/burek/banitsa…  Two leaves work fine, though, obviously, don’t always hold back the bursts.  Note that — three (3) — is probably the optimal number to use per roll.







Speaking of Banitsa!  The Bulgarian turn on a burek type of thing:  Light and airy cheese and yogurt filling in crunchy phyllo.  Though this obviously ticks off a lot of criteria, it yet far exceeded expectation, challenging not going for thirds!  These rolled burek, pita, etc. dishes used to seem far out of grasp, but now seem just as easy put together as the layered pies, and, in fact, just rolling the phyllo off the stack seems almost easier.  Certainly it avoids the unpleasant, loose and sometimes over-crisped edges of the pies.

We passed on the honey, this round — though, that’s an intriguing idea — and served it with the lutenica, which was an excellent match.



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Speaking of Bulgaria:  Clearly underproofed, but time — time…  Still, turned out alright for eating, except, the kids are so conditioned, that when Jared took a bite he recoiled in revulsion:  Sweet!  He accused, “You don’t make sweet bread!”  Eventually he agreed it was alright, but avowed he liked the sour types much better.  He is an upstanding young man, indeed.

Outside of those conditioned, it was excellently received and devoured rapidly.  A delicious, sweet, eggy bread — in this case, with chopped dates replacing raisins.