Tempeh-avocado slider


One of those, there’s-nothing-in-the-bins little meals:  Some leftover, seasoned tempeh, crumpled and combined with smashed avocado, minced and sauteed onion, minced red pepper and parsely — pan fried.  Topped with a little mashed avocado – piqued by some soy and habenero and a little pickle juice – pan-fried rings of onion, thin-sliced red pepper and greens.  Served on a toasted and buttered pretzel roll, and with a little salad and diced, oven roasted potatoes.  Nice…


Guacamole burrito

A guacamole burrito!  Or chimichanga from here.  Served with black beans simmered in veggie broth with lime, garlic and jalepeno:

We added a little cheese and baked instead of fried.  Topped with habenero, tofutti and a little lettuce. 


Dinner Salad

In keeping with our veggie themed meals this week, tonight’s dinner was a very hearty Avocado-Wasabi Salad.   This worked very well into my weight loss plan as it was healthy…..but filling.  And vegan!  Something Dan has been trying to get me to convert to for years.  While I am not sure I can 100% jump on the vegan train, I am not opposed to making stops at stations along the way.  And this salad is definitely something I can be on board with.

You can find the recipe on one of Dan’s favorite food blogs: Vegan YumYum