Orange roasted tempeh & asparagus


Ala the Simple Veganista — this sounded fairly good, but was in fact much better.  Wonderful flavor baked into the semi-decent Joe tempeh and soused along with asparagus in a sauce of miso, balsamic and o.j., with shredded basil added in.

The sauce was too good not to thicken for a better cling, and some slivered ginger or maybe a little minced garlic might add additional, good flavoring.  Easy as it gets and delicious, even drawing muted praise from the sublime child.

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Asparagus crepes & curried butternut squash soup

All hail King Drew:  Hail!

Delicious little crepes, and absurdly simple — leastwise, after spending an hour cavorting with the stove to acquire a pile of crepes.  If they weren’t such a pain, we’d undoubtedly eat them more frequently, but all the time it takes, and then — the kids scarf down six at a time!  If it is presumed 6 x 4 @ 2 minutes apiece, that’s on the order of fifty minutes of pancakes, devoured in only one — as they tend not to spend much time considering the subtleties of that which they consume.

Filling was simple, only asparagus, ground almonds and some halloumi — tossed on the skillet to brown a bit as the asparagus was close to done.  A nice combination, evidently, but as is often the case, the answer was all in the sauce.

It, also, simple:  Sliced shrooms, sauteed to slight singe with a sprinkle of salt, the pan deglazed with a generous pour of Pinot Grigio — that, thickened with some ground almond — it all topped with a few green onions.

The great Snuffelesophagus slayer we hope soon will be home -- hale, and healthy.

Served alongside a saucer of butternut soup, spiced with garam masala and a sprinkle of chipotle powder.  Very rich in flavor, absurdly thick and a nice complement to the salt and acidity of the crepes.  Don’t recall whose recipe this was — just roasted chopped squash, 1 quartered onion and three rough-chopped carrots.  All blended, then put in a pot with 1t garam masala, 1/2t ground coriander and chili powder, salt and 1c coconut milk.  Served with a sprinkle of chipotle.

Pasta with asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes

And William’s fingers!

This was a really nice assortment of flavors and very quick and simple to put together.

I'm counting down from a hundred to one

While the pasta cooked, the cut lengths of asparagus were sizzled in the very hot cast iron skillet and thinly sliced garlic was toasted in a little olive oil.

Once cooked, the pasta was arranged and topped with asparagus, garlic, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, lemon zest and red chili flakes. The dish was then drizzled with a little Tuscan herb olive oil and lemon juice – a marvelous contrast of sweet asparagus, lemon, earthy garlic and the pungency of the tomatoes.

Crepe expectations: Still rolling.

Jen found some nice asparagus and assorted mushrooms and suggested those in a crepe for dinner. 

So, we did:

The mushrooms were sauteed with a splash of chardonnay, ground black pepper, ground garlic and a bit of dried oregano.  After the juices cooked off we added a couple tablespoons tofutti cream. 

The mushrooms were rolled in a crepe with steamed asparagus and microwaved for about 20 seconds just before serving then topped with a chardonnay glaze and some chopped cilantro.