7 Days of tacos: Citrus & miso marinated tofu

The coleslaw is the highlight of the tortilla topper, though the fu had a nice flavor, too.  Supposedly quick and easy, from She Likes Food, it’s that if the coleslaw is already made!


Soy sauce

Hot and sour soup

It’s probably been done a thousand times, and they’re all about the same, this particular iteration from Gimme Some Oven.  Some add more sugar, some add a little sesame oil, there’s often a different balance of hot, sour and soy.  This worked out pretty decent.  The trick with the eggs is to get a whirlpool going in the soup, and then slowly pour the egg in as it turns — let it set, them resume.  Beautiful ribbons every time.

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Cantonese fu & shroom


This is the second recipe from this site, and the second time proportions seemed to be strangely amiss… 250g of chicken would equate to something on the order of 2cups…  That, plus mushrooms, plus cabbage – the seven tablespoons of sauce is enough to lightly coat, but nothing on the order of what is shown:  There was no superfluous sauce.

Nevertheless, a tasty if sauce-lite dish. If it was served with rice, it would seem a bit dry.

Chūn juǎn


Chinese spring rolls, stuffed with chopped mushrooms and corn, and treated with five-spice powder and hoisin.

Hoisin: 1T bl. Bean paste, 4T soy, 2t rice vinegar, 2t sesame oil, 1T honey, 1T sorghum, a little garlic and onion powder. Cook down to a thick sauce.

The filling is delicious, however, the recipe for the wrappers is a little odd: 1/2c flour + 100g butter.  Unsurprisingly, with a little salt, it tasted like a pie crust – one that unfortunately overwhelmed the not-exactly subtle filling.

Not bad, but a more traditional wonton wrapper would make these much better. These may be baked, but any benefit by it is lost with so much fat – you might as well just fry them.

Thai red curry soup


Sauce makes the meal, and all that jazz — even tomato:  Samples get sampled.  A fine line, there is, between sauce and soup, and many guilty spoonfuls of savory sauce have been surreptitiously slurped – the underlying or contained addendums of the meal, purely servicing as envelopes for delivery.  Tomato soup – tomato sauce:  The line is thin.
Never truer than for the Thai, red curry sauce: Take-out and left-over containers invariably drained by spoonful until just, still, passably consumable remains abide. With the addition of lentils, the thought to simply pour the contents straight from carton into gullet can be realized with conscience clean.
Best of all, the stew is incredibly easy, quick to prepare and cooked on stovetop:  Still ready in just an hour, the vast majority of that steeping – alliums sashayed a while, while potatoes cubed.