Pear, goat cheese, fig & fennel, and arugula flat bread

On a white sauce — parm/garlic — with a little mozzerella sprinkled atop for more better cheesiness.  Fennel baked on, and a little raw added post render with the leaves.

Most marvelous, though pears scarcely there, skinned slim for concerns of proper sentiment — notably. Redressed while baking with more sauteed which would be the proper, thicker presentation proposition.  A bit fussy as it were, though, with the sauce and all.

Also, balsamic reduction lightly drizzled over top.

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Crostata with pear, goat cheese, arugula

The corn tortilla streak has ended:  Four straight before landing on a pastry – nice.

This turned out very nicely, a good combination of sweetness from the pears, bitterness of arugula and lemon, and savory from the cheese.

A few leaves of arugula were placed first, topped by sliced pears, basil, lemon zest, minced ginger, crumbled goat cheese and chopped walnuts.  450f for 20-25.  A little arugula dropped atop after baking.

Spring (fresh?) rolls with arugula and shitake

There was a really interesting spring roll filling I once browsed across, with veggies, arugula and some sort of mustard sauce. As normal the link was forwarded to myself for later access but sat for a time until we came across arugula – that was then used for something else.

When finally the rolls were re-addressed, we found the link had been erased and none of the usual suspects were the source. Searches, also, were useless.

So we made do with marinated, sautéed shitake, shoe-string cut green beans, some sprouts, a pinch of pumpkin seeds and, of course the arugula:

Three for me and one destroyed by Will who enjoyed well more than half the green beans and thouht the rice pancakes were pretty neat.