Artichoke dip


A great little snack from Daily Burn:  Great flavor, good texture, and spreads less than twenty calories per tablespoon.

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Seared seitan snackers


Tiny tacos filled with seared seitan, marinated artichoke hearts, corn, spinach and sauced with a little of Todd’s cashew spread – hopped up with a few drops of Joe’s habenero.


Tasty spread ala Todd’s Vegan creations, apparently available exclusively at Heathers up in Bay City.

Artichoke, Zucchini stew

Undertaking the effort to avoid unnecessary, endeavorous exertion, we lifted a nice little stew from some Indolent Cook – simple, tasty, helpful in addressing the vast amounts of zucchini tucked into the frezzer.

Who'z there?
Served with roasted, lemony rosemary potatoes and sourdough garlic toast.

There just happened to be frozen artichokes, as well, so it was a very useful little stew on multiple tracks. Flipped fresh tomatoes for the canned, and if action potentials are to be trusted, crushed a bouillon into the stew.