Cheese soufflé with garlic scape pesto

 Cheese soufflé isn’t the most unhealthy dish to eat, but it was helped in that direction with a deliciously decadent pie crust casing — not a crumb was left!

Any derogatory effects were offset by the anti-neutrino, garlic scape pesto and diced tomatoes, combining for a trio of delicious flavors.


Cheese toastwich with tomato and garlic-scape pesto


Toastwich. Sort of an impatient person’s grilled cheese.  They had a sort of vaunted place in our lives, growing up…

Weekends were very regimented things: Saturdays we went to the market.  Sunday we had church.  Meals were more of a production, with Dad often stepping in to contribute – often with dinners, but always, his famous Sunday morning breakfasts: The sound of early morning clanking was the occasional tell-tale signal that cinnamon rolls were in production, but always we could count on an elaborate feast of hearty, nut and fruit filled pancakes, or waffles, or omelets served with fancy sausage or Canadian/peameal bacon.

The breakfasts were a thing, notable to friends and family that were lucky enough to share in the feast. But, so were Saturday lunches.

Hours were spent at the market, grabbing produce, meats and cheese and wine, often cookies at Johnny Macs, nuts, flours, legumes and such at Rocky’s, coffee and spices from Rafel’s. There was a stretch that only the pea-berry Ethiopian coffee would suffice, but then that Brazilian variety arrived…  We had to wean away from that.  Rafel’s also had all the little bottles of various oil extracts that became a thing in grade school – where we’d twizzle a toothpick in it for several hours and then walk around as if we’d gained some greater gravitas by having a flavored toothpick hanging from our mouths.  Also, Gabriel’s:  That’s still the best place on the planet – for olives, halva, their red-pepper hummus; yogurt balls…

All the walking, talking and gathering was followed by the unloading – packing all the food into two fridges, including one in the garage that eventually failed, but still reserved its purpose, regardless, though probably less effectively. The freezer was on the bottom, and over time, it would grow massive walls of ice that eventually would need removing – it locked, a foot-pedal used to swing it open.

What followed, then, was arraying of what was foraged: Often sandwiches made of all the lunch meats and cheeses from Hirt’s, fruit, and the desultory passing of the nut-cracker, as we worked our way through assorted, in-shell nuts.  Then, of course, the cookies.

But on occasion, on only ever Saturdays for lunch, sometimes we’d have cheese toastwiches. They were received like gifts on Christmas morning – a treat so simple, but perceived so exotic and so infrequently enjoyed:  They were celebrated.  Irrationally…  For whatever reason, toastwiches were never asked for, just occasionally presented and exalted:  Served, always, with a sprinkling of Worcestershire.  Once in a while, always on Saturday for lunch.

With all the chaos involved in current family life, it’s hard to conceive we held to such strict routines: They’ve all been left to history as we scramble every week to cram in all the abundant activities, though toastwiches remain a rarity – and not held with the same regard by the new generation, perhaps because the lack of association as a novelty to routine. We probably would have scoffed at these as kids:  There was a rumor that tomatoes were disliked, and pesto had yet to become a thing – and who ever heard of garlic scapes?

Chorizo samosa com chimichurri

Ah yes — the remains of tacos: Many of those multitudinous tacos were born from recipes calculated on an absurdly large scale, so of course, the planned seven days of tacos turned into a couple weeks of tacos with interruptions and lots of coleslaw…  Pretty pictures/failure to read:  Too much food is a grand privilege to suffer.

The chorizo/fried egg varieties left a lot to be desired — that is, there were lots of desired leftovers.  Accommodated inspiration foretold their destiny even as the meal of origination was being consumed:  That is, in fried dough, with chimichurri.

It shall be called an inspired combination, that exceeded high expectations.

Last but not least taco

The boy loves a walking taco, however buying individual bags of the appropriate size for an individual, unnecessarily digs into the very tiny budget allotted for food.  So, we shared a bag and put it on a plate.

Cheese, beans and proteins.  Still not frackin’ taco shell — but at least there’s crunch from the chips.  Thus ends the many different tacos, not eaten over seven days.  The children demand a vow that this will never be done again.


Blackened tofu tacos

Jen says these were her favorite, yet, but there’s no bandwagon for this tofu in a taco thing — neither one impressed.  Further, there’s an awful lot of manipulation with the fu — first baking, then sautéing — for such a little flavor payoff — boo!

It can just be marked off as a protein filler, a base to the delicious avocado crema and salacious slaw — so simple:  Just salt and apple cider vinegar.

So, it meets marks for flavor and crunch, and for a pun in the blog name — Making thyme for health — but a mark off for too much work on the tofu and not getting a whole lot of flavor.

(Also, love the caveat that if you prepare everything ahead of time, it doesn’t talk long to assemble them!)

(Also, more parentheses:  Prep time is listed at 30 minutes –ha…  Drain fu for 30 minutes, bake fu for 20 minutes, sautee fu for 10 minutes.  I think that adds up to an hour…)