Crust wrapped stuffed pepper

20170215_183429Potentially another lesson in pie crust being overwhelming to the overall flavor of the meal:  V2, just this week.

Nonetheless, not terrible, and a homemade crust would help alleviate the sodium saturation of commercial pastry.  A, still, edible edifice, stuffed with rice, cheese and seared seitan, but not as delightful as imagined for multiple reasons:  The crust flavor too strong, the pepper with no pep, the cheese used was a bit too wan, and the worst and kicker — the lousy enchilada sauce was rancid.

With the sauce, this probably would have been pretty good.  Without, it was missing some sauce — no question.  Somewhere back in a post where time was not rushing ferrociously by, there is probably a rant about buying enchilada sauce, rather than taking the time to make it.  Probably for good reason…20170215_183410


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