Peanut paste stew


Similar to other African stews:  Veggies, meat, broth, peanut.  This was just onion, carrot, garlic, with a glutey alternative substituting unbeknownst to younger crew members — overall enthusiastically enjoyed, derided, though, by Will.

A total whiff on the cabbage, but without, very good flavors and meant to be served with an acaraje type bean cake — though, less the sea flavor and with the addition of carrots:  It was dry and uninteresting — pucks were pitched and concentration trained on the stew alone, and very good.

-Onions: 2 or 3
-Carrots: 500g
-chou: 1/2
-Tomatas fresh: 5 or 1/2 box of peeled tomatoes and 1 small Box of concentrated tomato -Play
-cube: 1
-4 tablespoons well full of peanut paste
-Sal, thyme, laurel


A little manipulation is to be done with the peanut paste, especially if you have kept it in your refrigerator and the outside temperature is not high. Do not add it directly to your preparation.
We recommend putting it in a bowl and this one in boiling water so that it “melts”, otherwise you laugh at making sorts of lumps, and it will not mix well.
Leave it aside.
Brown meat and finely chopped onions.
Add the vegetables cut into pieces and the tomatoes
put salt and herbs (thyme, laurel).
Cover all with plenty of water.
Leave to cook with large broth, without lid.
Add the concentrated tomato and the broth-cube, stirred in a little hot water or better, of cooking juice.

Cook for about 1/2 h

Add the peanut paste. Stir well to mix well. Continue to cook over high heat. It is necessary that the water that you put at the beginning evaporates and that there remains only the paste of peanuts to thicken the sauce.

Your dish will be ready when you start to see the peanut oil appear on the surface. This may take at least 1/2 hour after incorporating the peanut paste.

Serve with white rice.


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