The Falafel

20160822_183251 Goodwell’s is gone.  That sadly means, never again can the thought be contemplated to grab a falafel sandwich — purported to be one of the best — from that curious destination.  Regrettably, every thought in recent memory to do so, was superseded by another suggestion…

Reminisce and preposterous proposition for an amazing falafel sandwich will now fall exclusively on Jerusalem Gardens — which, is not even in the same city.

The Diet for a small planet version was first tried in a roach infested apartment next door to a psychopath, baked in an 18 inch wide, hand-lit oven that often doubled as the source of heating.  Despite the horrors of suggestions for consumption, this was a recipe oft repeated, a special garlic, tahini sauce — with tomato — the preferred accompaniment, without much deviation, still:  Added, onions and pickles.

And served with tabouli.



Several pages from DFaSP are posted by Henry Ford, nearly as yellowed as the well worn book resting on the basement shelf.


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