1:  Chili:  This is a hearty and satisfying, simple chili, that gets at least close to approximating that at the Nickel, thick and – not meaty…  Decent granularity from the crumbles, though, if fat lacking, and mashed beans give it a nice, high viscosity.  Also made with just a can of crushed tomatoes instead of the fresh+paste+(mostofthe)water, and neither is preferable to the other.

  1. 3 onions, minced – fry while everything else is collected
  2. 5 cloves garlic, minced – added to the onions for a couple of minutes
  3. Bag of Boca crumbles – add along with everything else
  4. 6oz tomato paste
  5. 1.67c water
  6. 1/2T Red pepper flakes
  7. 2t cumin
  8. 2T chili powder
  9. 2 minced tomatoes
  10. 1 can kidney beans – half mashed
  11. 2t salt or to taste
  12. 1 t black pepper

More beans wouldn’t hurt either, both mashed and otherwise.


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