Camaroonian peanut soup

IMG_1462  This is a very easy stew to make:  Put ingredients in pot – and cook!  There aren’t many dishes much easier than that – especially so for such an absolutely outstanding stew:  Very rich and satisfying, creamy with a nice balance of sweet and savory and spice — indulgent, really, like slurping down a bowl of slightly less concentrated and veggie diluted Thai peanut sauce.

Green pepper was omitted, a butternut and ginger were added.  Many recipes call for the addition of shredded greens which would give the otherwise very smooth soup a little texture and greens deliciousness.  Sometimes also served with rice or fufu — not manioc:  Never, never use cassava/manioc.

This was largely pulled from, and the coconut rice and skewers were tried, too.  The rice was interesting, but didn’t quite cook through even after an hour – probably not a re-doer, but maybe under the right circumstances…  The marinade on the skewers was very tasty and would also go nicely on grilled fruit or as the backbone of a sauce.  DFW_June2013_RecipesCuisine


Thar be seitan — the boys had steak and seemed unimpressed

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