Corncake con mole

Two things that would have made this better:  Chihuahua cheese instead of cheddar and less sweetness to the mole.   It was good enough that wasn’t really prominently noticed until 2/3 of the way consumed, but from that point, increasingly gnawed at the brain.
Nothing was purchased in the making of the CCM, as a compilation for the consummation of remnants, so no skin for the cheddar, however, as for the latter –  a sad mole not living up to its potential:  Some chocolate chips were added with the hope of improving this particular batch, and it did, but just a shade too much sugar to accompany all the corn products.
Otherwise, very tasty, probably more fitting as a (smaller) side:  Pan-fried cornbread, cheese, mole-baked-corn, cilantro, spiced apple.
This has probably been noted as a reminder on several occasions, but Sister Rosa’s mole is the only one that has induced spoon-filled stuff-fuls, i.e., It’s really not worth the effort to look for anything better, evidently…  Perhaps the near heart attack provoked by blazing hot mole shooting from the bottom of the ex-blender has created a subconscious aversion…  Or, perhaps the visual provided by that sentence…



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