Black beans and shrimp


A bit of a twist on the feijoada thing, tossing in shrimp with the beans.  Though Jen thought it needed more, the strong flavors of the dish largely overwhelmed the shrimp to the point they were barely a factor.  They would probably be better off just sauteed up in a little garlic butter and wine, and served on the side…

Irrespective, the dish was quite nice, a nice take on the dish and quite familiar to the stew of yore, with citrus additions of orange and lime, and lots of garlic.  Sweet potato being a banished substance, it was replaced with butternut squash that contrasted very nicely with the other flavors, the rich, earthy sweetness a nice — and subtle — contrast with the beans, salt and citrus.

Note that the slivered squash was pan roasted as opposed to oven, as the latter was imagined prone to scorching and overly effortful for such a small portion.

Very similar flavors to the veggie times variety — though that, of course, wouldn’t be true if the v.t. version wasn’t tweaked…


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