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The festival of the senses was once upon a time, a festival that embraced the visual, aural, olfactory and gustatory.  It has increasingly tilted toward the first, leaving the last represented by a stand of kettle corn, icee truck and Vince & Joes – reverentially referred to as, Vincenzo’s.

Despite the lack of interesting restaurants — outside of the mediterranean, sushi and 1 solitary Mexican — we are truly blessed with an incredible variety of markets:  The trio of Italian, the Mediterranean, Patel Bros., even the corporate grocers have a lot to offer.  We’ve found that’s not the case, everywhere, and have come to greatly appreciate what we have access to, here.

This summer, visiting in Florida, we wanted to make the delightful sweet potato/shiitake cannellonis…  We had to resort to the dried, boxed cannelloni shells, as there was no bulk store for semolina, semolina is not sold in stores, and the markets that advertise fresh pasta tried to sell us dried lasagna noodles…  Indeed, here, we are spoiled.

At the festival, we certainly miss the raw foods folks and their delicious, expensive dips, and most certainly wish the Brinery would return.  However, we’ve still got Vince and Joes and they continue to put forth marvelous offerings.

This year, we grabbed a fried eggplant sandwich, served on ciabatta with fresh mozzarella, tomato and greens tossed in a balsamic dressing.  It was a most welcome, surprise delight and chased with an icee.

At a Meijer, we grabbed a ciabatta, fresh mozzarella and frizzy salad to replicate the same.

I apologize, Khepdy – it was presumptuous to say. But this place you find yourself is refuge for many that have traveled terrible paths. I think that is something you can understand. Suffice to say, many have experience with Varsling, and the opinion is mixed, at best.

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