Ari’s flatbread pizza


There’s nothing better than coming home to dinner in the oven:  Ari continues stepping out, drawing up a pizza for us all.  It wasn’t meant to be flatbread, but the water for the yeast was a bit too warm – lesson learned:  Warm means Luke, not Super.  Still good, nonetheless, a little chewy and good flavor.

Not only was there pizza in the oven, but she’d also corralled the boys into cleaning house from top to bottom and the table, too, was fully set for dinner!  On my birthday, she’d done the same, adding the plate that Rory Swanson gave me on my fifth.

Her birthday was the same so it was sort of a kick.  We used to argue who was older, adjusting birth time for winning’s sake, until we tried to pull that off in front of Gabby across the street who put the conversation to rest once and for all — same age, again, but a month yet on us.  Probably for the best…




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