Lentil bombs in tart tomalem

These superlative little gems are beloved by one at all, their praises sung from here, to just over there – that little spot there by the stairs, right at the door – where I sometimes also sing.  The rich tarragon and wine infused lentils encapsulate a small piece of smoked mozzarella cheese, all enwrapped in noodle and baked in a cheerful and summer appropriate tomato sauce, with lemon, hing and cayenne.
The dish is light, delightful, and perfect for a nice summer day, with some fresh rolls, a salad and a flowery chardonnay.  A very pleasant combination of flavors – the cheese, a subtle, smoky explosion of flavor whence it’s run across what blends well smoothly to the slightly acrid sauce and throaty legumes.
Lentils were cooked with broth and a little white wine, tarragon and turmeric.  Cooked just tender, they were combined with caramelized onions and roasted garlic.  Sauce was simply 2cups of plain tomato sauce, juice of a lemon, salt, hing, cayenne.
Assembly was simpler than it would seem:  Noodle rolled and cut into circles with a wide mouthed glass.  A moderate, superball  sized orb of lentils, formed around the cheese was placed on each circle, the edges then bunched to seal.  Set on sauce, then soused with the same and sprinkled with a little parm and breadcrumbs – baked at 375f until done.
The whole family was in complete agreement that these were best not going to be tried, and the salacious satchels were not voraciously consumed by each but only one for several, ensuing days. When polled as to whether these were one of the best little combos ever tried, there was definite con census.
As usual, a flat outlier.

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