Moqueca de camarao


The delightful and light moqueca capixaba is quite nice but left lingering thoughts of dende, coconut milk and spice.  The first time we tried this, the recipe called for ground cashews — so that’s what we do!  Otherwise, straightforward and simple:  Onion, garlic, poblano, tomatoes, cayenne, lemon, broth and seasoning to taste, with a little cilantro mixed in at the end and then sprinkled on top.  So simple but just an outstanding assortment of flavors.  Rich and marvelous, it would be a shame to dilute it over rice — mopping up best left to family favorite, pao de quejo.

The slightly indulgent meal is fully justified by the tremendous degree of exertion over the 4th, exploding colorful bombs in wag-tongued frenzy above our house.  Being the fourth, the meal was followed by an all-American strawberry/rhubarb pie.  We were fortunate to all have a slice before much of it was devoured by that darn dog.




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