Ari-ancini rice balls and bread sticks


Ari has long kept us well fed with tasty little treats, and this summer has branched into main course fair, usually dragging the meme one into it as well — she who would be quite piqued by that opened cupboard in the background.

The first meal was a big stack of meat pies that went over very well.  They were surprised that none were left:  We are in the land of the pasties, ladies.

This time, they wanted to try and replicate some of their favorite out-dining food fare, the arancini rice balls and bread sticks at the Olive Garden.


Though the visual aesthetics may need a little work, the bread sticks were — flavor-wise — better than their reference:  Very tasty — perfect salt, garlic butter, chew and texture.  It was hard not to eat too may.

The rice balls were beaucoup big!  Nice crust and delicious, cheesy rice within.  They were far less salty than the OG variety (which is not a complaint), and served with a little marinara, they were a marvelous meal.



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