High Banks chipotle-seitan quesadilla


The scarce remnants of the seitan/chipotle/marmalade sandwich filling with a cheese of unkown ethnicity, simply labeled, “Herb & Garlic.”  With a little guac and pico de gallo, a really outstanding little snack.

Regrettably, as is often the case, it is difficult to find the point of focus — an ongoing (dare we say, first-world problem — especially since that site is apparently circling the drain!)  issue since the original, and fabulous photo-flicking phone of the exact same model abruptly failed to function.  Much eye rubbing has ensued, glasses grabbed, sort of reasonably concluding the issue wasn’t fully biological, and best summed up with this broad-daylight, ae/af locked shot of a little green heron:


Exactly what part of that photo is in focus?

Well, after a bit of grumbling, last night, not-very-helpful Ememely suggested some sort of tremor might be at play — and that was googled.  It’s probably, like, seven…

But the conversation did forge the impetus to query the google, and such privileged travails are apparently not uncommon, at all.  There were helpful apps offered, several suggestions (including shaking hands), but the most common and agreed upon solution was to simply smash the phone on a hard surface.  This seemed like a really bad idea, and a quick, non-locked shot was clocked and it was done.  BAM!


A nervous check to make sure the screen hadn’t shattered and a second, non-locked shot:


Coincidence?  Numerous quick shots have confirmed:  The smash is an effective repair!  Bizarre…


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