IMG_0207Along the way toward conflating tofu with alabaster, the most interesting little concoction was found:  Ganmodoki.  Various sources state that it tastes like anything from goose to moose, though none are true – it tastes like tofu.  But, interesting tofu.

From Otaku Foods: Ganmodoki translates as “goose-like”. Why goose? Historically, when the dish was first made goose was a very expensive, luxury food. The story goes when it was first served to monks, the flavor was so good that they praised it as being as delicious as the most extravagant of geese. Does it taste like a goose?


The Otaku recipe was the one leaned on the most, with eyes on some of the other additions from additional others.  If no yamaimo is available, it’s probably fine to use potato powder instead of trying to pulverized a raw potato – of course, one could also have used the blender, which would have facilitated things mightily…

Interesting little patties:  Still quite tofu-ey, but pretty good – texturally similar to frozen — flavors mild.  The dish as a whole was delicious, but that hangs on the marvelous sauce.

Also featured:  Delicious, garlicky broccoli in stir fry sauce:

IMG_0200Stir fry sauce is just stir fry sauce — see?IMG_0212Special thanks to Tibetan flat bread, funkified with potato flour as wheat had been mostly exhausted:

IMG_0206The texture was almost like funge, but not nearly as hideous — almost enticing, in fact.


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