Veggie kuzahmbu


This poor little stew has unfairly been relegated as an afterthought, first, sitting idly in the fridge many days, then resting entitled but with only a link in the pending pile…  Constraining consumption might be a sign of curry fatigue by everyone else in the household — almost impossible to understand — but this is not just another tomato or onion based curry:  This is a coconut and tamarind based curry!  A wonderful and delicious, and completely different experience! It is also relatively simple by VRI standards — and not particularly time consuming.

The potential prior proposition also led to the latter, having expected a second run for more suitable documentation what didn’t happen and just became lunch:  Provision pics in plastic-ware present pretty poorly.  There was also, at that time, the issue of a catastrophic phone failure; the new one, exactly the same model, doesn’t seem to focus quite right…

Really nice flavors, especially from the tamarind.



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