Paneer tikka masala

IMG_0140Yet another from Vegrecipe—  A nice, sort of short-cut masala from Eats Well With Others.  Rather, would be an easy recipe if not for, as noted in her post, the hazardous frying of the cheese.  Since following directions, or, even reading them is not a forte — awareness of the issue was wan, and curses were made during the attempts to flip the cheese, as explosions of hot oil shot from the pan at light speed.

Fried cheese may be delicious, but is should be done only on a very thin glazing of oil.  The stove-top was left coated in a sheen of oil, as were the cabinets above, a hemi-circular radius of about 4 feet of floor and two dogs.  The bandages were removed from both arms yesterday…  This is why reading is important.

Fortunately, the rest of the recipe is straightforward, and the dish — delish.  Rich and creamy — and delightfully cheesy.


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