Lettuce wraps


The curd is not a favorite protein, mostly because of its texture, and great lengths are taken to amend that when it’s used.  The most preferred methods are freezing — which completely transforms it into a spongy substance, ideal for soaking up sauces or for frying – or, dehydrating, which gives it more density and a bit of a chew, and helps concentrate the flavor, if marinated.

PF Chang’s lettuce wraps are a family favorite, and the fu they use – also used at pei wei – has a great consistency and flavor.  It was presumed theirs was dehydrated, so that’s what was decided to do – too.  But a funny thing happened when the leathery  and delicious dehydrated bean curd was added to the other vegetables and little sauce:  It re-hydrated…  Not fully, but enough that it became indistinguishable from the Mushrooms – perhaps Chang’s drops the fu in last minute to maintain texture (and color).

Flavor-wise, this recipe is not PF Changs…  It is, nevertheless, quite delicious, and the mush and fu were happily contrasted with onion, crunchy chestnuts and funny noodles. Additional spicy mustard, additionally zipped with a bit of habanero gave them a nice heat, along with a side of spicy, Szechuan string beans.

Can you tell the kids’ side from the parents’ side?


It’s as if battle lines are drawn!  Carrot pot made a calculated push through the center of the clearly sauced veggie line, using the elements of surprise and mass to push spicy mustard cup back!  However, chop-chop veggie bucket reinforcements helped withstand the push and kernel corn’s artillery barrage ultimately forced retreat before oleo could make their move and spread!  The resultant barren and battered landscape remains unoccupied, but surrounded.  Ugly scene…


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