Tahini saves the day


Speaking of sauce…  It was once noted that fishing for falafel formulations fortuned failure, and yet — exactly that was done.  Worse, finding nothing particularly piquing, reliance was laid on semantic recall of the very recipe that was posted, professedly for posterity.  Ever worse, canned chickpeas were used and not mashed by hand, but whizzed by the neato new Ninja, so they were sort of like, fried hummus:  Lacking texture and not quite right with the flavor.

But it didn’t even matter, because flavor can be added with a sauce, and simply, and the texture and nice little pungency with some veggies.  Tahini, water, lemon, salt and garlic powder.  Tomatoes, red onion and pickles.  Voila…  Mom said the pickles made it.


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