Punjene paprika w/ kacamak & buranija


A truly tasty trio.  The pepper — about what expected — stuffed with rice, protein of choice and some veggies, then simmered in a tomato-y broth for around 45 minutes.  One of the few dishes where the parsley is more than just a color; the potato added a nice contrast in texture.  Though pooh-poohed by potential partakers, using gyro-style seiten added outstanding flavors, and still a hearty meal for these days of spring snows and frozen nights.  Outstanding.

The potatoes were deemed doubly delicious, mashed in water and therewith added in white corn meal, then, feta cheese!  The recipe calls for a drizzle of oil, but that was deemed gluttonous.  Mashed potatoes with feta cheese.  The texture was on the order of malto meal — the favored hot cereal of youth, but long eschewed, but perhaps needing re-consideration anew.  There were no leftovers of this dish because William ate them by the fistful.

The final stretch of the triptik were green beans, tango’d with a lovely and simple sauce of onions, broth and some herbs to delightful effect.  The youths are gratefully keen on the bright, blanched green beans, but wouldn’t touch them in the sauce.  Sauce, children, often makes the meal.  Or, as the saying goes, behind every good meal is a strong sauce.  Additionally, it can be fun to get saucy, and good to get sauced.  Just — don’t get drowned in the sauce.


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