Mexican benedict


This is another dish inspired by Vittle Monster, and his trip to Fuego Cocina y Tequileria, with some minor alterations: Black beans were banished, chorizo capitulated to fervido cerebros, sopes were slenderized and the egg was fried. Otherwise – exactly the same…

What did make it to the plate was a fried egg assembled on a little sope, topped with chipotle hollandaise, the fervido cerebros, crumbled feta and minced mint – continuing further and further away from the original! However, that mostly didn’t matter, as the flavor was dominated by the zippy hollandaise, texture – by the firm, but not chewy sope.   The egg was largely lost within the sauce and the f.c. – as salty as it is – only noticeably present as a small textural anomaly.

A healthy heap-ful of chorizo would definitely make this a different dish, but apparently the last one was used for botanas. As it were, a very tasty, snappy breakfast, breaking longstanding a.m. dining doldrums, and not too tedious – the sopes the only terribly time consuming element and only because they were done singly.

Coincidentally, the first time a sope was tried, was only two-days prior, at a neat little joint that serves food that is not only edible, but they actually make the effort to make it presentable as well. No slabs of cheese concealing enchiladas with a sprig of parsley – instead a good balance of sauce and cheese and nicely presented with a design of sauces on the top. And sprig of cilantro.


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