Dumplings with ema datshi


Jen looked over disparagingly at the ema datshi and asked, “So…  Whatcha curdle there?”  Not a thing!  Thar be cheese!   And delicious dishes of cheese to boot!  Served with some chill(i) bok choy dumplings:


The dumpling filling is very good, but overwhelmed by the dough – probably, should have run that through the press to get it thinner. They were greatly improved by pan searing them in a little butter, for an after-the-fact lunch.

Served with the ema datshi makes it moot, regardless, as the soup/stew/sauce predominates. This is purportedly an ubiquitous dish in Bhutan and, despite its simplicity, it has a remarkably good flavor.  The obvious:  Cheese and peppers.  However, the garlic totally makes this dish, breaking through with a marvelous pungency, almost giving effect to it as if with a dash of tart wine! Very similar sort of parting flavor as that with saginaki and the ouzo. Really simple and excellent – would be good on rice, or even something hideous like Brussel sprouts.



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