Verde enchilada


Tamales and enchiladas are wonderfully versitile: Rojo, mole and verde — each giving the same old tamales a drastically different presence.

Pickup trucks are also versitile:  The other day, we were driving to pick up Ari from driver’s training, and were stopped behind a little S10 at a turn signal.  In the bed was a large dog crate with a sheet draped over it.  As the wind blew, the sheet began shifting off and we pondered what might be in there — nothing peeked out as you’d expect from a dog.

As the light changed and we began to proceed, the sheet fell completely from the cage and we were startled to see to beady eyes and a beak perched upon a long stem.  “A goose!”  We all cried.  “A goose?”  We all asked in consternation.

As my niece said through delighted chuckles, “Well that was unexpected!”


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