Goat cheese crostini with mole

IMG_0660Earlier this month, this was posted on VittleMonster, triggering an instant salivatory response, as it clicked on several well-established inclinations: Sourdough, mole, and cheese – in this case, that of goat. The only hindrance to reconstitution was the mole, which, somewhere back around tamales was mention of a trip to La Botana for the peppers – that they no longer sell. More recently we went to a Thai restaurant for a gift certificate that they no longer sell: Both times we walked away without what we came for but with a really good meal — a reasonable comprimise.

Like every mole ever made, this one did not turn out exactly right, but closed in with a little added agave and corrected what was obviously lacking there at Komi, namely mole: Clearly not enough.

The flavors do indeed meld superbly and exactly as was tasted in mind’s eye, mole and sourdough matching marvelously, the cool and creamy cheese a delightful contrast to the dark earthiness of the sauce: Slight tart, slight sour and all the directions that come from the mole – delicious.


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