Pierogi 3 ways


Pausing on Poland, stereotypically non-adherent to chronology, pierogies were plied 3 ways, using grandma — Bacia’s — long past, penciled pierogi procedure.

The three ply pieroge were apple smoked cheddar and potato, sauerkraut, and slightly sweet farmer’s cheese.  All were lovingly stuffed then boiled, and right before serving — pan-seared in a little butter.

The smoky cheddar and potato is delicious, but offers little texturally.  That is obviously corrected with the sauerkraut, which gives the expectedly strong flavor and nice crunch — a good contrast to the density of the noodle.  The farmer’s cheese was sweetened and was reminiscent of a blintz.

For a change, the children didn’t complain about the weird food presented to them, and they ate — even, actually enjoyed — the pierogi.  A clear sign that you should always cook dinner, Jen.


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  1. The pan seared pierogi remind me of my mums way to warm up left over home made ravioli – us kids loves this more than anything else! Your stuffings all sounds interesting, especially the sauerkraut one!

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