Flippant Friday expurgation 2: Two of Belgium



Waterzooi and stoemp.  For Jared, the potatoes shall be addressed first:  The only complaint, here, is the dilution of flavors with too many!  The recipe calls for 5 — 3 would be okay, or even fewer.  Stoemp will have to be revisited without moderation.

The waterzooi struck all as a watered down clam chowder — maybe that’s what it means!  That also seems to be a theme, here:  Subtlety is definitely appreciated, not so much the bland.  It wasn’t helped at all that in the mere moments breaking gaze to read the final steps, the stew turned to a boil, and it wasn’t blood that curdled — just like they warned in the recipe.  Pshaw — who would curdle their stupid stew?


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